Sunday Night Intermediate League

A favorite format last year in for participants ’C’ level and up. The ‘ladder’ will ensure that players at the same level are matched together, men or ladies. Better players will move up and other players get another shot at moving up the next week. It will run weekly on 4 courts from 6:00PM to :00PM. The season begins on May 6th and runs until the end of August including playoffs.


PLEASE NOTE: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday leagues are ranked from least competitive (Tuesday) to most competitive (Thursday). Members should not be playing in both Tuesday and Thursday Night Leagues. Members participating in our Tuesday league that wish to move to a more competitive level, have the choice of signing up for Sunday and/ or can try – out for Thursday. Once a player moves up to the Thursday league, they can no longer play in the Tuesday league. Both Tuesday and Thursday night players are eligible to play in the Sunday League if they are looking for an additional evening of tennis.